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Fitness data - Solved.

Omnier was built to solve the pains shared by many fitness apps.

Solve it once

Each integration requires managing and testing the following:

  • Authorization of your app
  • Managing end-users' access tokens
  • Serialization of requests, responses and parameters
  • Rate limits
  • Paging & Query parameters semantics
  • Parsing Data schema and monitoring for bugs or unexpected input
  • Revoked permissions
  • Network timeouts
The bottom line
A single API could save you weeks of development time.

Solve it fast

We respect your time. Omnier is desgined with simplicity in mind.

  • Short list of RESTful endpoints
  • Plain JSON encoding
  • Conventional authentication
  • Simple data structures
The bottom line
Get up and running in minutes, not hours.

Solve it right

Omnier is realistic.

  • Retries reaching your webhooks for a week
  • Sends a notification for persistent problems

Preemptively solves problems.

  • Eliminates synchronization race conditions
  • Returns fast responses consistently
The bottom line
Avoid support tickets.

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