Getting Started

This interactive guide replaces place holder values with your actual values. As you follow along unchecked boxes will indicate necessary steps to display your actual values. Please visit our API spec for comprehensive documentation.


Create or log in to an Omnier account in the upper right

Register your app with a name and description (account required)

Refresh the page to see these changes. If you want to see actual data, you need to have some data in one of our supported providers. You can use any Google account to add weight measurements to Google Fit

Creating a subscription

Create a subscription in this section

Omnier uses subscriptions to aggregate users' data. You can create a subscription using the following curl command:

curl "" \
  -F resources=body_fat,weight \
  -F [email protected] \
  -F access_token=YOUR_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN

Once you've created a subscription "assign_path" (under Authorizing Access) becomes a redirect URL for the user to authorize their applications with Omnier. Additionally, SUBSCRIPTION_ID will be updated in the remaining curl commands.

Refresh the page to see these changes.

Authorizing access

The next step is to authorize Omnier to access your data. This is done by redirecting the user to the "assign_path" in the response we received when creating the subscription.

Reading data

Assuming we authorized access to a provider with data. We can read the data in the stream using the following command:

curl ""

Other Endpoints

While this is the typical usage of our API, there are a few other accessible endpoints depending on your application needs.

Checking Status

You can see the status of your created subscription, including connected providers and timestamp of last sync with

curl ""

Manual sync

You can trigger a manual synchronization with

curl ""  \
  -F access_token=YOUR_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN

The end

Thank you for following along. Feedback is very important to us, please let us know if something can be improved by emailing [email protected].